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Faith-Based Business Coaching for Women

God is just as powerful in the marketplace as He is in your personal life! Learn how to use your faith to grow your business.

Meet the Coach

LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts, FIA Business Coach


Have you been talking about writing a book for years? Thinking about taking the stage and building a platform as a motivational speaker? Interested in pouring out what God has given you in a podcast? Ready to take that leap of faith and launch your first product or event? Whatever God has placed in your heart to do, now is the time to do it! No more excuses, no more fear, no more "researching", step out in faith and do what God has anointed you to do! And, as you'll soon learn, faith isn't just believing...faith is ACTION!

Affectionately referred to as "the best coach on the planet!", LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts has been coaching entrepreneurs of faith and speaking to faith-based audiences for over a decade.  With the mantra, “Faith is Action”, LaVondilyn will help you to not only set goals for success, but boldly and confidently achieve them...by faith! 

"If you tell me, Coach, I want to write a book, that is exactly what we will do. My clients have ALL done amazing things - they have walked on water in the marketplace. Why? Because we remove those limiting thoughts, break right through that spirit of fear, and we access the power of God to move forward...fast! ALL things are possible to him who believes. And if you don't yet, I will believe for you!"

LaVondilyn has self-published 6 books, created 2 proprietary 8-CD coaching systems and over 20 packaged audio products. In addition, she has written and taught live courses and courses on DVD, hosted several paid mastermind groups, published a faith-based magazine and hundreds of online articles, hosted countless live workshops and national teleconferences, and now hosts a faith-based podcast that reaches thousands every week day. She's walking on water in the marketplace, and helping many other entrepreneurs of faith do the same. 

Are you ready to set your marketplace on FIA for the glory of God? Register for the next live webinar, look at the group coaching schedule, or download your first product from the product store and start taking action today. Faith only works when you work it!

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