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Maximize Productivity Webinar

Maximize! FOCUS for Greater Profitability

Manage Your Time | Boost Your Productivity | Increase Your Revenues

What do you do during your workday? Where is most of your time spent? Is it spent on income generating activities? Do you wake up with a clear plan and strategy for the day, or are you all over the place? Do you ever look back over the week and wonder, "What have I done this week?" Do you ever get to the end of the month and wonder, "Where's the money from all the work I did?" Perhaps it's time to take out a magnifying glass and look really closely at what you are doing during your workday!

Let me remind you of something: your work is worship. Yes. It is! EVERYTHING you do is worship! 2Cor10:31 says whatever you do, do it all to His glory. And, 1Cor10:31 says whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God. 

So yes, your work matters. But the way you work matters just as much! You should be working in a way that brings glory to God and brings increase into your business and life. How better to thank God than to be efficient and a good steward of the time and gifts He's given you? This requires focus and focus is a skill you must master. 

Here's the hard truth: Your ability to focus will determine your productivity. And your productivity will determine your income. It's just that simple.

If you find that you aren't making the kind of money you desire in business, or you feel like you aren't accomplishing the goals that you set for yourself, let's take a look at your day-to-day activity. Because chaos in your workday will lead to chaos in your bank account. And, before you begin to blame the number of hours in a day (because God wasn't wrong about that, He gave us exactly what we needed!), you might want to take a look at how you are stewarding the hours you have!

In this 3-hour webinar, Coach LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts will define focus and productivity for you and show you how to use them to maximize the hours in your workday. Whether you choose to work 2 hours per day or 10, you can make the most of every minute you have allotted to your business growth. The better you are able to get a handle on your workday, the more you'll see the growth you're looking for each week, and consequently each month and year.

Because, contrary to popular belief, your business will not grow just because you are doing more work. Your business will not grow because you are doing more lives, or posting more blog posts, or doing more insta stories, or creating more products. More activity doesn't always mean more income. You'll learn in Maximize! how to choose the right activity and how to focus your time and energy on what Coach calls, "triple threat activity". You will learn the power of focus and strategic planning, and how they lead directly to higher influence and income for you over time. 


Maximize!, this 3-hour live webinar, is only $97. And, in it you will learn:

  • The power of focus and the impact it has on your productivity and profitability (plus, "focus" scriptures to motivate you!)
  • The 6 telltale signs that you lack focus
  • 4 ways to boost your focus every single day so you can consistently get income-generating things done
  • The most effective productivity strategy to get more done in less time
  • How to consistently have “Triple Threat” days that keep you on track toward your goals (I'll tell you the activities that are preventing you from succeeding!)
  • How to make every morning a "PACT Morning" so you can get the most out of every day
  • How to meet your revenue goals each month by effectively managing your time and business activity

Remember the Parable of the Talents in Matt25? God blessed those who effectively managed what they had been given. He expects us to do more with less. He expects us to grow, expand and enlarge. Why wouldn't we? We have His Spirit within to help us!  

And, entrepreneur of faith, NOW is the time. You aren't promised tomorrow. Eccl9:10, our central scripture, assures you that you should do everything now, and do it with all your might, because you can't do it when you're time is up here. Then, it's too late! 

Let's take a look at your activity now and how you are managing your day. Learn to FOCUS now for greater influence and greater income tomorrow.

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 Your ability to focus will determine your productivity. And your productivity will determine your income. Learn in this 3-hour webinar how to focus your activity every single day, and effectively steward the time and gifts God has given you. Greater productivity will lead to your business growth and increase.  Register below.